Recent Testimonials

I recently moved to NYC, and had put off finding a primary care physician because I despise going to the doctor. For some reason, going to the doctor has always been like a stress level 11 for me! However, Dr. Martinho was awesome and I am so happy to have found her! She answered all my questions thoroughly and made me feel so relaxed. It is such a relief to know that my concerns were heard by her. Thank you so much Dr. Martinho!

Amber K

Very great doctor. Can tell she is very informed and really cares. Was worried I would find a doctor who didn’t really address my issues or listen and she was super helpful and attentive. For sure my new doctor for New York.

Jason D.

Absolutely the best!


Dr Martinho has been my personal physician for 20 years, I couldn't say enough here about how good her staff and care is. Hard working, empathetic, professionals. Simply the best medical care I've ever experienced.

Robert M.

Above and beyond! A lovely practice and Dr. Martinho is amazing!

Elizabeth T.

Professional and friendly- I think I've found my new primary physician!!!

Jennie A.

Dr. Martinho was thorough, listened well and gave me rational, immediate solutions with overwhelming kindness. She was very personable and professional, looking to help in any way she could. Highly recommended.

Margaux A.

Dr. Martinho is beyond amazing. She is very helpful, informative and considerate. I always enjoyed going to my appointments. She answers all my questions and concerns, as well as goes above and beyond for her patients and their needs. Thank DR. Martinho!

Chantal I.

I have been a patient for over 15 years. Dr Marthino is a doctor with heart - and that is rare. Not only is she an excellent doctor but she is kind and caring - really listens to you. I highly recommend her.

Helene B.

I had a great experience with Dr. Martinho. She was knowledgeable, approachable, and friendly. She took the time to listen to my concerns and make a personal connection. It's hard to find a good doctor in NY-- I will be staying with her!

Katie A.

I have been seeing Dr. Martinho for over 10 years. She is very knowledgeable and an easy Dr. to talk to. She listens to you and pays attention to you. I have seen a few other doctors due to insurance reasons and non can compare to her expertise. She truly takes pride in taking care of her patients. She is our family doctor and we highly recommend her.

Carol B.

Dr. Michele Martinho is awesome.

Winsome P.

Really great experience. Went for an annual physical and will definitely be switching to this practice. Very thorough and caring. Old school and sincere. Not like these corner emergency places or other practices that are factories and have no personal touch.

Jessica T.

Amazing experience at a doctor if there is such a thing. I had not been to see a doctor in years and a friend recommended this practice. Dr. Martinho was truly amazing. So thorough, caring and had a wonderful bedside manner. 100% will now make her my primary care doctor. Thank you Dr. Martinho and staff!!

Christine R.

Dr. Martinho is the best doctor ever. Every time I see her it is so much more than an exam. She takes time to talk to me, get to know me, asks about my family, and shares about her own. She is the absolute warmest and SMARTEST doc!!! My friend from work (nurse) recommended her and now I recommend her to everyone

Stephanie S.