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Far too many men and women believe that there’s no reason to go to the doctor unless something’s clearly wrong. In reality, routine physical exams are among the most powerful tools you have in protecting your health and are among the services Dr. Michele Martinho offers in her Gramercy, New York City medical practice. If you’re overdue for a routine physical exam, book an appointment with Dr. Martinho today. Online scheduling is available, or you can call to check available appointment times.

Annual Physical Exams Q & A

Why are physical examinations important?

Routine physicals are a critical part of your overall health and wellness. These appointments provide a wealth of information that you and Dr. Michele Martinho can use to guide your healthcare and enhance your wellness.

Physicals provide essential data about your health. They serve as a sort of medical snapshot of your health at various points in your life. That data helps build your medical record, which can help Dr. Martinho track changes in your health over time.

Routine physicals are an important part of preventive health because they can reveal medical issues in the early stages when lifestyle modification and treatment has the greatest chance of success. Screenings are part of every routine physical exam.

What happens during a physical exam?

There are some standard elements of a physical exam. These include basic checks of your:

  • Heart
  • Breathing function
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Skin

There are many more in-depth screenings available, and Dr. Martinho guides you toward the tests that suit your specific health needs. Those needs change as you move through the stages of your life, so don’t be alarmed if she suggests a test you haven’t previously had.  

Your exams also include a discussion of your personal and health history. This is the time to bring up any questions or concerns you have.

What can I do to prepare for my physical exam?

Preparation is a great way to get the most out of these visits. You should arrive with a list of any health issues you’ve faced since your last exam, including any medications or supplements you’re taking. It’s also a good idea to create a list of questions you’d like to ask.

This is not the time to be shy or evasive. Your physical exams are an opportunity to place your health as a priority, and Dr. Martinho can best assist you when she has all the information needed to guide your care. So share any concerns, symptoms, or goals you have during your physical exam.

If you’re overdue for a thorough physical examination, book an appointment with Dr. Martinho at your earliest convenience. There’s no reason to wait until you’re sick to place your health at the very top of your to-do list.



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